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Featured projects related to Web Design

Hi again! Thanks for being here. In this section you can see some featured projects related to web design, carried out in recent years.

NatStyle Corporation Site

  • United-states_flag_icon_round.svg
    Miami Beach, Florida, United States of America

2021 | As part of the NatStyle insertion project in the state of Florida (USA), we developed the company’s site completely from scratch, turning it into a modern, fast, and intuitive website with an online store. The website was developed with WordPress Technology.

Navetrans Group Site

  • Buenos Aires City, Argentina

2020 | Navetrans Group requested a 100% renewal of the website. The new website was made based on HTML5, PHP, CSS5, and Javascript. No CMS was used for its realization. It was released in the year 2020.

Voyage Websites

  • La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019-2022 | With Voyage sites, we wanted to make a significant visual impact on their visitors. These sites were developed with HTML5, PHP, CSS5, and Javascript, and the Online Store as well as the Academy were developed with WordPress technology. The site coexisted with four perfectly separated CMS, and the main PHP/HTML site.

Enterbyte Services

  • Buenos Aires City, Argentina

2022 | I designed and developed the website for Enterbyte Services, an Argentine company specializing in the sale of Samsung digital signage televisions. The website was made with WordPress and Elementor technology.

La Plata

  • La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2022 | In 2022 we created the PatyFiesta site, which is 100% responsive, has a digital menu that can be accessed from a QR and from the website, and also has an Online Store. On this site we prioritize taking the design of the PatyFiesta brand to the next level with a modern and powerful website.

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