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Sebastian Ferreyra

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I am passionate about design and development with a focus on UX Design, Visual Design, 3D Modeling as well as Web Design specialized in Front-End & WordPress.

About Me


My name is Sebastian, and I consider myself a passionate designer and web developer.

I have a strong background in design and development with a focus on UX Design3D Development (Unreal Engine & Blender technology) Web Design specialized in Front-End & WordPress. I am also passionate about the English language. 

By the


Throughout these years I have been gaining experience in those things that I am passionate about. In this list, you will find the most outstanding by category.

Working with great brands

Proud to work with these successful companies covering a wide range of industries based in the United States, the United Kingdom & Argentina.



Sebastian is passionate about his job! He always maintains an optimistic, enthusiastic and open attitude to changes. With the creativity and dedication that he spreads in the workgroups, goodwill, team player and proactive. It was a great privilege to have him on the team and I am very [...]

Verónica Laura Ghersini Convenience Store General Manager, Raízen Argentina

Sebastian is a highly talented creative designer. He's definitely got an eye for design, he has amazing ideas and is always willing to share them. He is always ready to help and delivers tremendous value on every project. I couldn't say enough positive things about Sebastian [...]

Moe Escario Project & Social Media Coordinator at Silver Lining, USA

Sebastian is a top tier creative with the skill and expertise to deliver high quality design and content. I had the pleasure of working with Sebastian on multiple global brand projects. He is a visionary with incredible attention to detail. In many cases he could foresee outcomes and [...]

Rabiah Duncan Vice President, Global Partnerships & Initiatives at Silver Lining, USA

Sebastian has unlimited potential, incredible talent, and the highest moral character. During my time as Director, Communications at Silver Lining, I had the privilege of witnessing Sebastian’s exceptional performance firsthand as the Creative Lead. Not only did he provide exceptional [...]

Mike Smith Director of Communications at Silver Lining, USA

Sebastian is an amazingly creative person! He follows directions well and can make sure that the creative vision comes to life. As a team member Sebastian is extremely easy to work with. He definitely is a team player who will not leave anyone hanging who needs help! I highly recommend Sebastian, he is an [...]

Evija Klava Community Manager at Silver Lining, USA

Sebastian is an excellent person, ambitious and with great aspirations for the future. I had the pleasure of sharing 2 years working with him on countless projects of different kinds and I am witness that he has unparalleled talent and creativity, he never stops to amaze you. [...]

Juan Manuel Morales Trade Market Analyst at Shell Argentina

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