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Featured projects related to Video Design

Hi again! Thanks for being here. In this section you can see some featured projects related to video design, carried out in recent years.

Taskmaverick Logo Intro

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    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

2022 | By the end of 2022, I joined OMC to help them with the launch of Taskmaverick, a task management software developed specially for health industry. I have vectorized their logo and created an animated version using Adobe Technology.

Springfield Official Launch

  • Springfield TSP, Mar del Plata, Argentina

2021 | To promote the launch of Springfield in the city of Mar del Plata, I made a video presenting the city and the restaurant from the inside, I also presented the render work I developed to make this possible. The video is set in the 60s, with an american tone.

Product Launches

  • Shell Convenience Stores, across Argentina

2018 – 2021 | As the Main Visual Designer at Shell, I’ve been in charge of leading product launches. On this occasion, the company was launching in Argentina a new bagel that was supposed to be distributed across the country. This short video was presented Shell Stores for a couple of months after the launch was done.

a-ha | Fan Music Videos

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    Buenos Aires City, Argentina

2010 – 2022 | For more than 10 years, I have been making translations and lyric videos on my YouTube channel, which has already reached more than 32 million views and has more than 24 thousand subscribers.

Menuboards for Manhattan

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    Miami Beach, Florida, United States of America

2021 | In 2021, together with the Voyage team, we lead the renovation of a restaurant in Miami called “Manhattan Bakery & Resto”. For my part, I generated the physical and digital menu which is being reproduced in said location, presenting all the products to customers. It is a synchronized menu of three screens.

Why Organic Wines

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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America

2021 | During the launch of the “Why Organic Wines” campaign in the state of Florida, United States, I made a series of videos explaining in an interactive way why it was better to buy organic wines than conventional wines. Said campaign included a series of 4 videos, and several graphic pieces, as well as a complete renovation of the website.

Dual Menuboards

  • arg_flag_2.svg
    Across Argentina

2019 – 2022 | Together with a Samsung representative company in Argentina, we carried out a series of projects for various clients that consisted of making use of Samsung’s professional screen technology “Smart Signage”, which allowed synchronizing and diversifying the content to be presented. Together with them we carried out several projects that were projected on 3, 4 or even 5 screens at the same time in a synchronized and continuous way.

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